What is an eBay watcher?

On the eBay ecommerce network, there are lots of icons and clickable menus. Amongst all these, there is a numerical icon in red color just under the price of the product and that is called eBay Watchers. The eBay watchers signifies the number of eBay users that have seen the product listing and are interested in buying but probably not buying immediately. These eBay users have added the said product listing to their watching list after checking the product listing. To eBay merchants, you can check the number of watchers for each of your product listings while buyers can check the number of watchers on any product under the price tag. For people especially eBay sellers and merchants that are not so conversant with the eBay watchers, it will not be surprising for them to be oblivious of the importance or benefit it provides to their product listings

  1. eBay watchers are actually the number of eBay users that have viewed and checked your product listing and then added it to their watching list.

  2. The higher the number of your eBay watchers list, the closer you are to converting them into buyers because each of your watchers are getting updates about your product price and price.

  3. New buyers can possibly be more interested in the product listings with high number of eBay watchers because the watchers number provide a sense of popularity and importance for the product. People may ask themselves, why so many watchers for this product? Clearly there is something different about the product that I am not seeing so the buyer may makes a purchase.

  4. Good amount of eBay watchers on every of your product listing as an eBay merchant will make you popular on the eBay platform and also affects your credibility as a merchants with many unique products that people love to watch and buy

  5. The number of eBay watchers for your product listings also means that the same number is watching and this gives you a direct and constant organic reach to the watchers

Many may want to know, if having eBay watchers gives any benefit to eBay merchants. It simple, yes it does give merchants on the eBay platform some leverage over others that do not have eBay watchers or have few on their product listings.

Benefits of eBay Watchers


The concept behind the impartial positioning of a product before the other in the same niche is ranking. Ranking works on the algorithm set by the eBay ecommerce network which gives better recognition to eBay product listings that have considerable number of eBay watchers. Ranking makes it easier to have your products exposed to the direct eyes of prospective buyers and thereby giving you the needed edge of selling better. Buyers on eBay will likely stop the search once the product they want appears at the top of the product search results and this is why every eBay merchant must strive to have his product listings at the top of the ranking order. Having a good amount of eBay watchers on your product listings will also add the sense of uniqueness and popularity to your products. Many eBay users and buyers may not actually be able to pick out what difference you possess to have a large number of watchers but they will be attracted by it and purchase from you. New buyers will also want to move with the crowd by buying. Increasing sales and profitability is certain as a benefit of a good number of eBay watchers

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