(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Delivery Time?

We usually complete every order within a couple of hours. Nevertheless, on rare occasions, it can take up to 24 hours.


Is it safe to buy ebay watchers and traffic?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy Ebay watchers and traffic. We are already operating for more than 5 years and did not experience any difficulties so far. All of our methods are 100% safe and legitimate.


Why should I buy from watchersup.com?

We are an experienced and multilingual team, who is always there for you and can support you with any questions. Furthermore, we do offer an extraordinary service, together with the cheapest prices worldwide!


How to split one order between several listings?

You can split any order up into 15 listings. In the Checkout section of our website, we have the option to add up to 15 links or Article Numbers, by simply clicking on the plus symbol below each Link. After clicking this symbol, you will be able to add any preferred amount of Links/Article Numbers from 1 to 15.


Will my account get banned or deleted if I purchase your watchers and traffic?

Definitely not! With our services you are 100% safe, that is a guarantee.


What is the method of payment?

Currently, PayPal is our primary payment method since it is easy, secure and fast. Nonetheless, PayPal offers also fast payment processing of VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Maestro even for non-clients.


Should I give you my eBay login and password?

No definitely not! No legitimate provider will ever ask you for your login details, such as your password. All of our methods to enrich your eBay listings are purely organic and do NOT require any sensitive data, such as your login details.