About Us !

We are a US-based company, which already operates more than 5 years in the field of eBay Marketing. With the help of our experienced and multilingual team, we already invented many different strategies and services in order to be successful in the big competitive market ebay offers worldwide.


Amongst other things, we have helped many multinational and high-volume merchants to reach important milestones and to multiply their revenue figures, as well as helping out private merchants to sell some of their beloved unnecessary belongings.


Our company history speaks for itself. We have corporate with more than 10.000 merchants, where 99.2% of them were able to record significant increases in revenue after working with us. On a daily basis, we are sending out more than 1.000.000 watchers to approximately 5.000 different listings in almost every category the eBay network offers.


We are working hard in order to satisfy our customers and not only try our best to help you reach your goals but also try to offer the best service in the industry, with the unique LiveChat service, which has an average response time of less than 2 minutes during the working hours.


Even though we already stand out with our impressive statistics and different additional services for our customers, others do not even offer, we are proud to still be able to be the cheapest provider in the world.

We are trying to improve our services daily and work hard to also help all of our customers to reach their goals. Our credo is and will always be to only be satisfied when our customers are. For these reasons, we always try to improve our high-quality services, no matter if on a technical, social or financial basis.